So far, we are more familiar with metal as a material for making automobile parts. In fact this is so. Because the amount of metal used to manufacture car almost reached 80% of other materials used. But a shift began to occur. The most significant example found in car racing, call F1.

Car body is usually made of metal, began to be replaced with other materials. It is clear that race car requires a light weight. Materials suitable for construction is no longer metallic. Material in the form of fiber to be the best current alternative materials, easily shaped, and has the strength and stiffness which turned out better than metal. Such material is usually called fiber reinforced plastics (FRP).

Reinforced Materials
FRP has been widely used in the racing world. The main reason as mentioned above is the ease of this material is to be formed. Curve model can easily be made without a difficult process. The tools used are also not too specific. Even here also much needed individual expertise to form the desired design, think like a master cleaver. Because the process is relatively easy and simple to use tool, therefore the cost can be suppressed. Mainly, because the power is exactly like a racing car makers.

From the FRP family there are some descendants who actually is not foreign to the ear. Call of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) or known by the nickname of fiber glass. This material has been found since the second world war. The material is easy to use, relatively cheap, and the strong calculated weight ratio. In 1960 this material has been used for car racing.

The second material is aramid fiber. Originally derived from the bonds of the aromatic polyamide. Aramid still in touch with nylon, but have slightly different chemical composition. The advantages of this material is present in high strength, as well as the stiffness but relatively low density. In addition, the level of resistance to abrasion low.

Carbon fiber material so the next alternative. Initially this material used in the basic material of filament bulbs (incandescent lamps). Later developed into materials used in aircraft structures and continues in the racing world. Carbon fiber is formed from the thermal treatment of organic materials that contain carbon. With heat treatment reach 3,000 ยบ C is very high specific stiffness characteristics. Stiffness associated with density. Performance is highly resistant to corrosion or fatigue symptoms (fatigue). But still there are some carbon fiber characters, especially the resistance to impact, which is lower than the aramid or glass fibers.

Carbon Kevlar
From the above material there are many more derivatives. Character is determined by combining with other chemical elements. From this it can produce better material or suitable to the needs. The combination is very varied and have different advantages. For example carbon kevlar which have high strength to absorb the collision or fire resistant.

This material is widely used in the racing world, for example for the racing suit, so that when an accident which caused the fire, drivers can survive in these clothes until a certain time. Carbon Kevlar is also used for bullet proof clothing. Because it is quite elastic, able to reduce carbon kevlar bullet attack.
In the world of modified cars in the country, have been widely used carbon kevlar. Slowly plate originally attached to the body left out. The reason for this relatively lightweight material, which reaches one-third the weight of heavy plate. Its strength is also very calculated. So many cars are now using it with a new pretext, such as safety issues.

In addition to the above benefits, style and color that is displayed to beautify the appearance. Without a mixture of resins used as a reinforcing material, the carbon kevlar material to coat the interior. This material is actually like ordinary cloth, pliable and easily shaped to adjust the design. Carbon kevlar also widely used to coat the dashboard or steering wheel. The result was no less beautiful than other materials.


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